*** As of July 2014, all Social Media Icons/Avatars will be done on GiveAcaricature.com***


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Our talented artists hand-draw simple caricatures from your photo that can be used as an icon/avatar on the web, in emails, on social websites & more.  Not only do these look just like the subject, they can be drawn to incorporate interests, logos, and other things that are important.


As of July 2014, we consolidated all of our icon/avatar products on our GiveAcaricature.com website so many of our pages will link to that  website.  GiveAcaricature will now offer everything from simple caricature icons/avatars to complex, multi-subject caricatures for major occations like retirements, birthdays, and graduations.


The success of MyFaceIcons.com and GiveAcaricature.com is a result of the perfect blend of artistic talent and business/customer service expertise ensuring an awesome customer experience.  Meet our team below...


Both MyFaceIcons.com and GiveAcaricature.com are website properties of Leading Edge Gifts LLC located in Gilbert, Arizona  We are a privately held company that has built a reputation of delighting our customers with innovative products and superior quality and service since 2002. 

Our Team


Creative Team

Led by Eric (co-founder), this team is, well.....creative!  Eric is a true caricature artist with a radically unique style and uncanny ability to capture the essence and likeness of the subject in an artistic and humorous way.  Inspired by Sebastian Kruger and Court Jones (the Michael Jordan's of caricatures), Eric has drawn well over 10,000 caricatures and has other artistic talents as well - we just don't let him do anything else.


Marvin is his sidekick and our guru of coloring with over 30 years of experience in various artistic fields including graphic design.  Our team of artists is purposely kept small for several reasons. 


As you can see, we are not, and will never be a production shop churning out artwork - each order gets our personal attention.






Business & Customer Service Team

Our business/customer service team is what allows our artists to do artsy stuff.  Customer care is their middle name (ok, two names).  They are the ones that make sure your customer experience is as phenomenal as the artwork you receive.  We are still working on the unfortunate side effect of them going home each night to beat their dogs after being so nice to customers each day.  I guess that is good for you but bad for Fido (ok, the dog part is not true - see bottom of the page).


Co-founder - involved in business and systems and processes.  If it's broken, it's her fault.





Co-founder.  Still researching what he does other than write bios for the team page.



Customer Service - It is impossible to ask a dumb question that she hasn't heard before so bring it on!  That doesn't mean that we can't laugh about it in the office.



Customer Service - Loves to hear about customers needing their gift by yesterday.  "Well, if we get the artists to work real hard and we take a trip in our time machine, we can make it!



Betty (B2)

Photo Expert - Uses her magnifying glass to review photos uploaded by customers.  Psssst...Hey customer, that photo is too small!  By the way, is that a boy or a girl in your photo?




MFI mascot and backup artist.



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