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  1. What is MyFaceIcons.com?

  2. What is the process?

  3. Can I give this as a gift?

  4. How long does it take?

  5. What kind of photo do I send?

  6. How is the artwork done?

  7. How do I get my icon?

  8. Do I get a proof to review first?

  9. Will I love my icon?

  10. What is a Personalization Item?

  11. Why is the Personalization Item field only 75 characters long?

  12. How can I create an email signature with my icon?

  13. What is Personal Use vs Commercial Use?

  14. What is an icon/avatar?

  15. Can I include more than one person or include a pet?





What is MyFaceIcons.com?

We create radically unique icons/avatars from your photo - fast and easy.   Our icons/avatars stand out from the crowd and are perfect for use on social websites, cell-phones, instant messaging, or as email signatures. 


As of 2014, our icons/avatars have been merged into GiveAcaricature.com so when you hit the order button, you will be taken to that website.



What is the process?

It's super easy:

  1. Simply hit the Buy Now button at the top of the page and select the Icon Package.

  2. Select your options and upload your photo (make it a good one).

  3. Pay with any major credit/debit card (our favorite part) using our secure checkout

  4. On or before the ready-date on your order, you will receive an email that your icon is ready for you to approve.

  5.   You simply log into your account approve or request a change. 

Can I give this as a gift?

Awesome idea!  Your friends and family will love it as much as you do and we bet that they have never received anything like it before.  By the way, we have three other radically unique gift websites at GiveAshare.com, GiveAcaricature.com and GiveAmasterpiece.com



How long does it take?

You get an exact date that your icon will be completed at the time your order.  Icons are generally ready in about 5-6 business days but you can get a real-time estimate by clicking here.  This real time estimate and the date on your order consider things like holidays, capacity, order volume, and even Artist vacation days (yes, artists get breaks too!).  Remember that all dates assume that there are no issues with the photo that you upload,   You can upgrade your order to Rush for a small fee cutting the turnaround time to 3 business days. 


What kind of photo do I send?

Glad you asked - pay attention!  The photo you provide is crucial to a great icon: 

  • Representative Look - If the photo does not capture the subject, neither will the icon.  The photo should show the expression that you want - smiling, yelling, dazed look can all change the facial structure.

  • Large & Clear - A good rule of thumb is that the head should be larger than a fifty cent coin and you should be able to see the eyes.

  • File-types - We accept just about any file type including .jpg, .gif, .psd, .pdf, .tif.

  • For more info and examples of good & bad, click here.


How is the artwork done?

Your icon artwork is created by Eric Jones and his small team of caricature artists including Marvin Butts who have a knack for capturing the essence of the subject in a comical and artistic way.  The icons are hand drawn using a computer stylus/tablet and are then colored digitally.  Check out our YouTube video of Eric Jones drawing an American Idol caricature for GiveAcaricature.com.



How do I get my Icon?

We email you your optimized digital file within a business day of approval of the proof. 


Do I get a Proof to review first?



Will I Love My Icon?

Although we can�t guarantee it, based on our history of delighting thousands of customers, you will!    The photo you provide is crucial to a great icon (see requirements).  Take a look at our examples and you will see that we take great pride in providing high quality artwork and satisfying our customers.  Remember, you are commissioning our artist to use his creativity and expertise to do the work.   As such, you should convince yourself of the artist's capabilities by reviewing the sample work.  All artwork is done by or done under the direction of one person.   Note that if we made some sort of mistake on the icon or forgot something, we will obviously correct it at no charge, otherwise there may be a fee which requires your authorization before we proceed.


What is a Personalization Item?

You are given the option to include Personalization Items.  Sometimes this is called a prop but basically is something that makes you, YOU.  For example, a Personalization Item can be something that you are holding like a soda can, beer bottle, golf club, wine glass, coffee cup, cell phone, video game controller, pencil etc.  It can also be a logo or an item of clothing.  These items not only liven up the icon, but they show your persona. 


Why is the Personalization Item field only 75 characters long?

We did this on purpose!  MyFaceIcons is about simplicity.  If you cannot clearly and concisely describe your Personalization Item in 75 characters, you are probably looking for something too complex for MyFaceIcons and should consider a full caricature.


How can I create an email signature with my Icon?

Our icons look very cool as an email signature too!  To add an email signature to Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Entourage, or Mac OS X, see our instructions.


What is Personal Use vs Commercial Use?

Your icon is yours to keep and you can make all the copies you want for personal use.  Use on company web sites,  for business cards, as a business logo, in marketing collateral, in s/w applications or other like uses is considered Commercial Use which can be selected during checkout.   We retain full copyright of the artwork for all icons and we retain all rights to use the artwork that we generate on a royalty-free basis.


What is an Icon?  What is an Avatar?

That's two questions.  Icons and Avatars are ways that people represent themselves on the internet, mobile phones, and email.  They may represent different parts of an individuals persona, beliefs, or interests.  Nowadays both terms are pretty much used interchangeably.  For more icon/avatar history.


Can I include more than one person ar include a pet?

Yess, this is a selection during the ordering process.




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